The Standard by Which Torque is Measured - Torque Wrench Calibration Systems



  • The TSD 3000 computer controlled torque-sense® torque testing system is a fully integrated computer controller designed to apply and hold torque, and/or sense the click or breaking torque readings. The powerful software programs, controls, reads, stores, sorts and prints the data.
  • Our patented TSD 3001 controller is a unique true torque sensing and reacting "state of the art" electronic package, with dual serial 1/0 communicating with our TSD 1200, TSD 6000 digital torque indicators. The servo mechanism drives the high efficiency ball screw of the rugged, versatile, time proven TSD 2050, TSD 2060, TSD 4050, torque loaders.
  • The 3001 controller integrates TSD 3005 and bar code reader. The power of the PC personal computer programs, reads, acquires, stores and sorts data. The menu driven user friendly software allows you to generate reports of calibration, inventory list by type, make, model, range capacity, operator name or number, date, equipment due to be calibrated reports and more.
  • The TSD 3005 bar code system can read existing 3 of 9 bar code labels, and also issue control commands via our quick command bar code pad. Optional bar code generating system for printing labels is available.

TSD 2050/3000/2K SYS.


  • High tensile cast aluminum housing.
  • Rugged twin stainless steel reaction slides.
  • High efficiency ball screw drive.
  • Dual input hand crank to override the loading system in case of servo failure.
  • All ball bearing construction.
  • 12 models to 6500 Lbf.Ft.
  • Interchangeable multi-range 0.10/o torque transducers.
  • Exclusive thru hole design torque transducers.
  • High capacity and long wrench extensions.
  • Rugged torque transducer and adaptor tray
  • Heavy duty all steel cabinet with storage compartment and four drawers and lock hardware.
  • Swivel indicator stand.



  • Dual voltage production rated servo power supply.
  • Patented "state of the art" torque sense® computer controller
  • User friendly software controls communicates, supports, programs, inputs, stores and retrieves data.
  • Bar code reader and exclusive system drive command pad, with data search and retrieval integration.
  • Optional bar code label generator and printer
  • Servo motor drive system with hand crank manual override capability.
  • Two speed clockwise/counter-clockwise jog mode switches, emergency stop, system power indicator and switch, bar code reader light pen and exclusive command pad are all part of the operator control console. (May be remote)
  • Emergency stop function also located on computer keyboard.
  • Programmable and proportional drive speeds with intelligent transducer selection and overload protection.
  • Automatic mode selection for proper transducer, type of wrench (dial, click, power, electronic) and procedure to be performed.
  • Easily programmable multi-cycling automatic loading feature for multiple point testing.
  • System and reports conform to MIL-STD-45622 and international standards organization (ISO) requirements.
  • Interface capability with other systems.
TSD 3000

The TSD 3000 computer controlled torque-sense servo driven torque wrench calibration and test system uses our copyrighted TSD 3010, 100% PC compatible computer software to program and drive the servo system, support the bar code reader and command feature, communicates with the digital torque indicators, averages and calculators torque readings, creates and supports a colossal field addressable data base for report generation and certification formats. These reports and certification formats may be customized to your requirements.



Allows the operator to enter the required information into the customer definable screen format with the desired information. May also be factory customized to customer specifications and layout.

Typical Screen and Format Information:
  • Customer name and address.
  • Operator name or code number with security levels.
  • Department and/or location.
  • Description and type of wrench or tool.
  • Range or capacity of wrench or tool.
  • Wrench serial or identification number.
  • Manufacturers or desired accuracy of wrench.
  • Certificate number also may be chronological.
  • Procedure or method definition statement.
  • Equipment used description statement with expiration date lock out.


Data storage capability for 15,000 wrenches on a 20 MB hard disk.


Specifications: TORQUE SYSTEM

Size: All models 30.0 1 x 20.0 w x 50.0 h inches. / 76.2 1 x 50.8 w x 127.0 h cm.

Model: TSD 2050/3000 from 0 to 2500 lb.ft.

Model: TSD 2060/3000 from 0 to 4000 lb.ft.

Model: TSD 4050/3000 from 0 to 4000 lb.ft.

Model: TSD 6550/3000 from 0 to 6500 lb.ft.

Weight: TSD 2050/3000 = 568.0 lbs. / 267.6 kg.

Weight: TSD 2060/3000 = 598.0 lbs. / 271.2 kg.

Weight: TSD 4050/3000 = 636.0 lbs. / 288.5 kg.

Weight: TSD 6500/3000 = 681.0 lbs. / 310.0 kg.

Torque Display: Six (6).56 in. seven segment bright LED
Torque Loading System: Computer controlled torque sensing servo motor driving the high precision ball screw.
Computer: A 1000/D compatible PC / XT or AT computer with 20 MB. Hard drive, (40 MB. optional) 5.25" and/or 3.5" floppy disk drives (as specified), 512 K random access memory (RAM), monochrome or optional color monitor.
Printer: 80 column dot matrix printer, or optional laser or bar code printers.
Power Requirements: 120/220 vac 50 - 60 hz. 90 watts with servo motor control.
Torque Indicator: TSD 1200 or TSD 6000 microprocessor technology with push button zero, peakhold unit of measure conversions, intelligent communications. .01% accuracy.
Torque Transducers: From 2 lb. ft. to 6500 lb. ft. (27 ranges and models) system accuracy .1 % FS or .1 % of indicated value for the upper 90% of transducer range + 2 div. from 0 to 1 0% of range.
    • The TSD 3000 computer controlled Torque-sense® controllers may be purchased as a complete turn key system, or may be retrofitted in any of our existing TSD 2050, TSD 2060, TSD 4050 torque loaders and systems.
    • The TSD 3000 computer controlled torque-sense controller system may be supplied with our complete new line of motorized torque testing equipment designed for product testing and evaluation. These systems may be programmed to do repetitive, programmed, on/off, running, snapping, stall and failure torque analysis.
    • For the over 2000 users of our TSD 2050 loader systems a retrofit kit is available, or we will offer a generous trade-in towards one of these ultimate systems.

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