The Standard by Which Torque is Measured - Torque Wrench Calibration Systems

TSD 10035-HT, TSD 20035-HT, TSD 40035-HT, TSD 100035-HT

This rugged Torque Reaction System mounted on a sturdy ergonomically designed Cabinet with the world's most sophisticated and accurate (0.1%) Torque Transducers with thru-hole reaction capability. 

Our carefully designed exclusive two way adjustable Torque Reaction Post can be adjusted receive most styles and makes of hydraulic torque wrenches from 1/2" to 4 1/2" Square drives and Hex Torque links from 3/4" to 8". 

These -HT Systems have the versatility to be converted to the -MT systems by simply adding our optional TSD -135-MT Multi-Pattem Adapter Plate, enabling the user to test and calibrate all types of torque multipliers. These systems are available in the following ranges and resolutions;

0 to 4,000 X .5

TSD 4035-HT  Lb.Ft. System

0 to 6,500 X .1 TSD 6535-HT  Lb.Ft. System
0 to 10,000 X 1 TSD 10035-HT  Lb.Ft. System
0 to 20,000 X 2 TSD 20035-HT  Lb.Ft. System
0 to 40,000 X 5 TSD 40035-HT  Lb.Ft. System
0 to 80,000 X .10 TSD 80035-HT  Lb.Ft. System
0 to 100,000 X.10 TSD 100035-HT  Lb.Ft. System


Our TSD Torque Transducers have a GUARANTEED accuracy of. 1 % of the indicated value for the upper 90 % of the transducer range, +/- 1 Counts or Division from 0 to 10% of range, +/- one (1) Least Significant Digit.

The readability of our Torque Systems is 10,000 minimum Counts or Divisions per range

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