The Standard by Which Torque is Measured - Torque Wrench Calibration Systems

with TSD 10060-PT, 0 TO 10,000 PSI, 0.1% PRESSURE STANDARD

This compact, sturdy, lightweight aluminum cart on protected semi-pneumatic hard rubber tires, heavy-duty locking doors with tailored shelves for the Digital Torque and Pressure Indicators.

The cart is designed to house the customer's hydraulic power supply or one of our optional electric, pneumatic or two-speed hand pumps.

A choice of the following: 

TSD 4024, 0 to 4000 X.5 Lb.Ft.
TSD 6524, 0 to 6500 X .1 Lb.Ft.
TSD 10040-HT, 0 to 10,000 Lb.Ft., 0.1% Torque Calibration Systems.

These systems have our exclusive Adjustable Semi-circular Torque Reaction Post to accommodate most hydraulic torque wrench reaction arms. 

This design also incorporates the Pin Hole Pattern for most pin reaction type of torque multipliers. The flip-up front cover can be used to house the optional laptop computer using our TSD 3010 TORQ-CAL Torque Wrench Calibration software to acquire, process, store, create and print reports, charts and graphs.

 These charts and graphs can be laminated and affixed to the Hydraulic Torque Wrench Head. This feature allows the technician using the hydraulic torque wrench the verified torque values to be applied to the fastener.


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