The Standard by Which Torque is Measured - Torque Wrench Calibration Systems




A: TSD 024, B: TSD 025, C: TSD 125, D: TSD 1005, E: TSD 2052, F: TSD 6552, G: TSD 6542, H: Slotted Weights, J: Pipe Handle Weights, K: Cylindrical Weights, L: Weight Sets, AA: TSD 024 PAN, BB: TSD 025 PAN, CC: TSD 125 PAN, DD: TSD 1005 PAN, EE: TSD 6552 PAN, GG: Angle Plate, FF: TSD 166,1017,1019, Calibration Angle Plates.

  • From one ounce inch to 150,000 lb.ft. with accuracy of 0.01percent of indicated value.
  • These systems are designed with the specific torque transducer capacity, range, type and configuration for ease of handling and convenient weight denominations.
  • The Moment Arms are manufactured with the utmost in arm length accuracy, and are made of tough light weight materials with operator safety in mind.
  • The weight pan tare weight is calculated to be well within the safe over-range factor of the transducer the calibration system is designed for.
  • The Cable assemblies are of pre-stretched stainless steel high quality aircraft construction with high tensile ball shank design. All cables have a 5 to 1 safety factor and tested to four times their rated capacity.
  • The Stands are designed to calibrate all transducers to the capacity of the specific stand.
  • Special adjustable angle plates are available to keep the Moment Arm level while calibrating.
  • Several classes of weight are available. Class "F" Slotted or Pipe handle type are the standard types supplied depending on the capacity of the system.


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