60+ years young and still growing!!!

A.K.O., Inc is proud to say that it has been a family owned business since 1958, when Roland Leclerc acquired Avery, Kretzmer, Olcott, Inc (a business that specialized in selling and servicing industrial scales, industrial and residential water pumps and material handling equipment). Roland continued the business’ primary work for a few short years before he focused on the industrial testing field. The A-OK Testing Division was started in 1963 to supply physical testing services to the many aircraft and aerospace machining suppliers to Pratt & Whitney and General Electric Aircraft Engine manufacturers.

In 1965, the company name was changed to A.K.O., Inc and the Balancing Division was opened to provide Industrial Balancing Services to the aerospace suppliers in the area. The Testing Division designed a special Thru-Hole Reaction Torque Transducer for use in the qualification of applied torque on the accumulator head fasteners. This design was submitted to the U.S. Navy. The Navy purchased an initial order of three for a trial and eventually made this transducer a part of the requirements for these accumulators and other precision torque determinations.

In 1968, the Torque Specialties Division was formed. Development throughout the 1970s and 1980s produced the TSD 20035 Series of high capacity Hydraulic Torque Wrench and Torque Multiplier Test Systems, the TSD 011, 111 Thru-Hole Series of 0.1% Precision Torque Transducers with ranges of 0 to 20 X .002 Lb.In to 0 to 200 X .02 Lb.In. The TSD 2050 was motorized (and also supplied with the precision dual manual input).

In 1988, the Torque Specialties Division introduced the world’s first Computer Controlled Torque Wrench Calibration System with Data acquisition, report generation and printing.

Currently, we continue to deliver a high-quality product that sets itself apart from the others in the field of precision Torque Testing, Calibrating and Torque Standards. We pride ourselves in the ability to react to a customer’s special needs, come up with solutions and go from a concept to a finished system in a short time. We provide excellent customer service and continue to remain the best in the industry.

Now in our third generation, we plan on continuing our mission to develop and supply quality Torque Calibration systems and devices.