Fastener Industry

Fastener Testing Industry

Don’t call them screws, theyre fasteners! The fastener industry produces hardware devices that are used to join or affix two or more objects together and A.K.O., Inc. manufactures products to benefit fastener testing labs. These devices are usually used to create non-permanent joints so that the joints can be removed or dismantled without damaging the joining components. Fasteners are used in aerospace, automotive, building and construction, furniture, industrial machinery, motors and pumps, and many other industries.

A.K.O., Inc. manufactures full rotation, automated fastener torque testing machines, able to perform custom test routines with a maximum capacity of 24,000, and are used by fastener testing labs to cycletest fasteners to ensure torque specifications are compliant with industry tolerance requirements. Many large fastener manufacturing companies use AKO’s fastener torque testing systems to help determine that a fastener will perform correctly to its designed specifications when in use in the field.

Fastener testing labs may also have unusual torque requirements, and AKO can help. If our standard products don’t solve your unique requirements, contact us for more information on custom solutions.


Fastener Test Systems

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