TSD1025P Rotary Actuator

TSD1025P Rotary Actuator For Torque Multipliers

The TSD1025PA.K.O.’s rotary actuator, is a motorized high reduction planetary geared input drive system, which is used to apply Input Torque to a torque multiplier being calibrated. Simply put, it is a motor that applies input torque on the input drive of any torque multiplier. Using a motor to supply the input torque on a torque multiplier allows the operator to easily, and accurately control the amount of torque being applied, in a continuous motion. AKO’s TSD6500 Digital Indicator is equipped with dual display mode, and can simultaneously register and display both the input value and the resultant output value. The TSD1025 has a maximum capacity of 2000 lbf∙ft, and operates on 110V 60 Hz only. It is primarily used on Multiplier Systems, but can be added to Click Wrench Systems, Hydraulic Systems, or can be used as a standalone system mounted to a bench.

Please contact the AKO sales team in Windsor, CT to discuss your specific application.

Additional Information

  • 110VAC 60Hz
  • 5 Amp Max Current Draw
  • TSD365
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