Calibration Systems

Accurate Torque Calibration Products

A.K.O., Inc. manufactures precision calibration systems that are able to calibrate torque tools, including click wrenches, hydraulic wrenches, multipliers, pneumatic/electric wrenches, or fastener testing tools. These systems are available standard or can be customized for your unique specifications.

Click Wrench Calibration Systems

Offer precision calibration systems for large and small manual torque tools with minimal operator input.
Learn More About Systems for Manual Torque Tools

Hydraulic Wrench Calibration Systems

Calibrate hydraulic torque wrenches with available adapters, accessories, and software for accuracy.
Discover More About Our Hydraulic Wrench Calibration Systems

Torque Multiplier Calibration Systems

Calibrate Torque Multipliers Easily and Accurately with minimal user input.
Explore Our Versatile Torque Multiplier Calibration Systems

Pneumatic/Electric Wrench Calibration Systems

Quickly calibrate rotary torque tools with realistic joint simulation and robust reaction structures.
Click Here for More Information About Our Pneumatic/Electric Wrench Calibration Systems

Fastener Testing Systems

Test a wide variety of fasteners in a precise and highly repeatable fashion with A.K.O.’s Fastener Testing Systems.
See the Features of A.K.O.’s Fastener Testing Systems 

Torque Transducer Calibration Equipment

A freestanding torque transducer stand that keeps operators safe while offering superior accuracy.
Explore Model Details for Our Torque Transducer Calibration Equipment

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