Click Wrench Calibration Systems

Systems for Manual Torque Tools

A.K.O.’s Click Wrench Calibration Systems can calibrate a wide variety of Manual Torque Tools with extreme accuracy, ranging from 2 ozf∙in to 4000 lbf∙ft. The systems can calibrate Click Wrenches, Dial Wrenches, Beam Wrenches, Electronic/Digital Wrenches, Torque Screwdrivers, Torque Watches and Torque Guns. By adding Accessories to the standard Click Wrench Calibration System it can be expanded with the ability to calibrate Torque Multipliers and Pneumatic Wrenches in addition to Click Type Torque Wrenches.

TSD2060 Manual Systems
TSD2060-PRO Automated Systems
Benchtop Systems
Portable Systems

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