Calibration Laboratories

Torque Calibration Laboratories

Calibration Labs verify the accuracy and working condition of many types of measurement devices.  AKO works closely with laboratories all over the world, these labs rely on highly accurate equipment and proper procedures to ensure that the results of a measurement device can be repeated and reproduced on a consistent basis. When it comes to torque tools, calibration labs test the validity of the readings produced by the tool and can even adjust the tool if required. Calibration Labs test a variety of different torque tools including hand torque tools, click wrenches, torque multipliers, hydraulic wrenches, pneumatic wrenches, and torque transducers.

AKO provides Calibration Labs with our highly accurate torque tool calibration systems. These systems are designed for extreme accuracy and durability as Cal Labs usually have a tremendous workload consisting of various types and capacities of torque tools. AKO offers complete torque calibration systems that can quickly switch back and forth between testing different types of torque tools, greatly reducing the equipment and space required to operate as a calibration lab. In addition, AKO also offers Torque Transducer Calibration stands, allowing Calibration Labs to verify and certify the torque transducers and standards they use to calibrate other torque tools.

If your lab environment or torque calibration requirements are unique, AKO can also create custom solutions. Contact us for more information.

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