Military Torque Tool Calibration

Torque Tool Calibration Services for the Military

All branches of the Military use industrial bolting tools for a wide variety of applications. Hand torque tools, click wrenches, torque multipliers, hydraulic wrenches, and pneumatic wrenches are all used, from engineering projects and base upkeep, to the maintenance of vehicles, ships and aircraft. It is imperative that these torque tools are accurate and functional, as flying a helicopter into a battle zone without properly tightened bolts would be a life and death scenario.

A.K.O., Inc has a long history of providing torque tool calibration systems to all branches of the military. In fact, in the mid 1960’s the first AKO torque systems were designed and developed by request of the U.S. Navy. We rely on the military to keep us safe, and in turn the military relies on accurate testing equipment to keep them safe. It’s one of the many reasons AKO strives to provide the most accurate torque calibration equipment in the industry.

A.K.O. understands that not all calibration needs can be solved by standard products. Special projects, or other specific situations may require custom solutions. If our standard products don’t cater to your unique torque measurement or calibration requirements, contact us for more information on a custom solution.

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