Our Mission & History

Providing Precision Torque Calibration Systems & Services Since 1968

Our Mission

To manufacture torque calibration systems built to unrivaled standards for longevity and reliability while achieving the industry’s highest standards for accuracy. We will continually exceed our current and future customers’ expectations by providing the most in-depth technical expertise, industry-leading support and world-class torque calibration systems and services. 

Our Calibration Company Story

A.K.O.’s family-centered history has shaped us into the trusted calibration company we are today.

  • Avery, Kretzmer, Olcott, Inc. was founded in February 1923 as a Connecticut Corporation by Clarence Avery, Stephen S. Kretzmer, and Frank L. Olcott after the Hartford branch of the Fairbanks Company was closed in December 1922. The closure provided the opportunity for the three managers to incorporate their own business and continue part of the operations once preformed by the Fairbanks Company. This initial business was a general mill supply business, but had special emphasis in selling and servicing industrial scales, industrial and residential water pumps, and material handling equipment.
  • In 1958, Roland Leclerc and Albert Bernardi acquired Avery, Kretzmer, Olcott, Inc. The company continued in the industrial scale, pumps, and material handling fields and opened an Industrial Testing Division specializing in force, mass, pressure, and vacuum testing disciplines.
  • In 1962, Avery, Kretzmer, Olcott, Inc. moved to a new location at 110 Broad Brook Road in Enfield.
  • After a few short years of working in the business’ primary work and acquiring Albert Bernardi’s stock, Roland then sold the pump and water system business and shifted his focus to industrial testing. He started the A-OK Testing Division in 1963, which was opened to supply physical testing services to the various aircraft and aerospace machining suppliers for Pratt & Whitney and General Electric aircraft engine manufacturers.
  • In 1965 the company name was changed to A.K.O., Inc. and another division of the calibration company, the Balancing Division, was started in order to supply industrial balancing services to the aircraft engine components manufacturers and new aerospace component suppliers in the greater Hartford area.
  • From 1965 thru 1968 the Testing Division was engaged in testing many special devices and high-pressure accumulators for a U.S. Navy supplier. From this, the need for precision and traceable torque testing devices was revealed and the Testing Division designed a special thru-hole reaction torque transducer for use in the quantification of applied torque on the accumulator head fasteners. The Testing Division submitted this torque transducer design and proposal to the U.S. Navy who then purchased an initial order and eventually made this transducer part of the requirements for these accumulators and other precision torque determinations.
  • In 1968, another division of the AKO calibration company was formed, the Torque Specialties Division, and the revolutionary TSD2050 manual dual input mechanical torque loader was designed and later improved, becoming the standard torque wrench calibration system for the Navy and Marine Corps.
  • In 1973, AKO introduced a complete line of thru-hole torque transducers ranging from 500 to 100000 lbf∙ft. The TSD4011, 0 to 4000 lbf∙ft Torque Transducer, became the standard for the high ratio torque wrenches now on the market for helicopter and Army Tank servicing.
  • In 1976, AKO introduces the TSD__035 & TSD__235 series of high-capacity hydraulic torque wrench and torque multiplier test systems. These systems satisfy the exacting requirements of shipbuilding and other heavy equipment industries and the Torque Specialties Division could now supply accuracies of 0.1% over ranges from 10 lbf∙ft to 100000 lbf∙ft. The self-standing and self-structured TSD6042-52 and TSD20042-52 precision weight torque transducer calibration systems were also added to the product line.
  • In 1985, the TSD011 and TSD111 thru-hole torque transducers are introduced making A.K.O., Inc. Torque Specialties the supplier of the most complete line of precision reaction torque transducers for the torque calibration industry.
  • In 1988, the Torque Specialties Division unveiled a computer-controlled torque wrench calibration system with data acquisition, report generation, and printing, the first of its kind in the world. The Torq-Cal Software and automation package was written in the popular DOS operating system using the power and versatility of the PC Computer, and was offered as an upgrade for all new and preexisting standard TSD2050 and 2060 torque loaders.
  • In 1989, the TSD10030-AF portable torque wrench calibration system is introduced. The U.S. Air Force required a self-contained, lightweight, portable, and deployable 0 to 10000 lbf·ft hydraulic wrench torque calibration system with a built-in hydraulic pressure regulating option to test and calibrate special hydraulic torque wrenches in Air Force Jet Engine Shops. A.K.O., Inc. Torque Specialties’ thru-hole transducer design is natural for this high range application. We introduced this system with a self-standing, precision weight, torque transducer calibration system to support this high-capacity portable system. It became the standard for the U.S. Air Force F-16 Program, among others.
  • In 1991, the TSD1020 – LeTwister motorized torque wrench handle turner is introduced as an ergonomic solution to alleviate the irritating task of turning the micrometer handle of a click wrench for each test setting. Motorizing this process relieves the technician from repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • In 1992, the TSD1016 torque watch/torque screwdriver test fixture is introduced as a test fixture to hold torque watches and small capacity torque screwdrivers perfectly perpendicular and apply rotational torque to eliminate technician influence. This makes testing these high-precision tools extremely accurate and repeatable.
  • In 1993, AKO introduces the TSD1025 rotary actuator for torque multipliers which require an input and output torque measurement. This motorized rotary actuator allows for the input torque of a multiplier to be applied in a smooth and continuous motion to achieve the most accurate results. The TSD1025 is now used by most torque multiplier manufacturers and is adaptable to AKO’s torque testing systems.
  • In 1997, the TSD650-PBAT was developed and delivered to the U.S. Navy. The first of its kind, this portable torque wrench calibration system is capable of up to 800 lbf∙ft and operable in stand-alone mode using the internal battery.
  • In 1998, Torq-Cal is upgraded to run on Microsoft’s Windows operating system and renamed to TorqCal2000. A new calibration mode for torque multipliers is added, allowing for semi-autonomous point collection while calibrating the high-capacity torque multipliers used by the aircraft engine manufacturing industry.
  • In 1999, a line of fastener testing systems is introduced as the TSD2085. These systems are used by manufacturers of aerospace fasteners to test and verify the integrity and critical torque specifications of the fasteners they manufacture.
  • In 2000, TorqCal’s functionality is expanded to include hydraulic wrenches using the same semi-autonomous point collection system used with multiplier wrenches.
  • In 2001, the BT line of square-to-square torque transducers is introduced for the TSD650 and fastener testing systems. This new line of transducers eliminates the need for extra adapters and increases the functionality of portable applications.
  • In 2004, the TSD1220 manual fastener tester is introduced. This manual bench-top version of the fastener testing system is designed and developed to offer fastener manufacturers the ability to have a test stand at each station on the production line.
  • In 2005, a new line of torque wrench verification stands is introduced and used on production floors for quality assurance as a way for a technician to verify their torque wrench and practice torquing techniques before actual application.
  • In 2009, AKO is awarded the Navy Contract for TSD-TFC 2060N-001 Systems to supply the U.S. Navy with its 4000 lbf∙ft automated torque wrench calibration system, increasing the Navy’s torque calibration capability.
  • In 2009, Roland L. Leclerc, founder and President of AKO passes away and the business is passed down to his wife Doris Leclerc who continues to grow the business.
  • In 2012, AKO designs the TSD10035-BTTS, introducing 5000 and 10000 lbf∙ft capacity bench-top and portable test system that are used to calibrate both analog and digital direct read multipliers for the aerospace industry.
  • In 2012, the Torque Specialties Division and Testing Division of AKO have grown into separate entities and AKO moves to a new and expanded facility at 50 Baker Hollow Rd. in Windsor, CT. The Testing Division of AKO becomes Enfield Testing and Balancing and remains in the facility in Enfield, CT. Providing each company the additional room necessary to grow in their respective fields.
  • In, 2015, AKO receives its ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accreditation from Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc. (PJLA) in the disciplines of mechanical, dimensional, mass, force, and weighing.
  • In 2017, AKO develops an inline torque transducer test system for in-house calibrations of high-capacity torque transducers with a capacity capability increased to 100000 lbf∙ft. This system can test high-capacity torque transducers from any manufacturer and decreases turnaround time while maintaining high precision accuracy.
  • In 2019, AKO receives its ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accreditation from Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc. (PJLA) in the disciplines of mechanical, dimensional, mass, force, and weighing, bringing AKO up to newest industry standard in accreditation.
  • In 2021, the PRO series Torque Testing Systems are introduced with state-of-the-art mechanical upgrades along with the TorqCal PRO software package, the successor to TorqCal2000. TorqCal PRO offers an improved user experience while maintaining AKO’s high standard of excellence.
  • In 2021, AKO delivers the first PRO series Torque Testing System featuring the new TorqCal PRO software, motor control system, and modular design.
  • In 2023, AKO celebrates it’s 100 year anniversary as an incorporated business. As a leading provider of Torque Tool Calibration Systems and Equipment, A.K.O. Inc. looks forward to bringing new innovations to the torque tool calibration industry while continuing to provide the most accurate and durable products in the industry.

We are now in our third generation, continuing our mission to develop and supply high-quality torque calibration systems and devices. Contact our calibration equipment company today with your torque calibration needs.

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