The Standard by which
Torque is Calibrated

Torque calibration from 2 ozf·in up to 150,000 lbf.ft. [203,000 N·m]

Oil & Gas Industry

With more than 60 years of experience serving the oil and gas industry, our clients trust A.K.O. for their torque tool calibration.

Calibration Labs

We provide calibration labs with our highly accurate torque tool calibration systems designed for extreme accuracy and durability.

Fastener Industry

A.K.O. manufactures full rotation, automated fastener torque testing machines, able to perform custom test routines with a maximum capacity of 24,000


We are honored to work with the members of our armed forces on their custom instrument calibration needs.

Power Generation

We have an extensive history of working with nuclear power and consistently meeting the high standards of the industry, making us a trusted torque calibration equipment and services partner for multiple power and energy industry facilities.

Click Wrench Calibration Systems

Hydraulic Wrench Calibration Systems

Multiplier Torque Calibration Systems

Pneumatic/Electric Wrench Calibration

Fastener Testing Systems

Transducer Calibration Systems

Torque Verification Stands

Superior Reliability: Torque Measurement Products

Unrivaled accuracy and speed, available as manual and automated systems for all torque wrench models and types.
For rapid, precise measurement of hydraulic wrenches with any output drive configuration up to 150000 lbf-ft.
Exact ratio measurements at unparalleled speed using dual torque transducers driven by a rotary actuator.
Quickly calibrate rotary torque tools with realistic joint simulation and robust reaction structures.
Our full-rotation, digitally-controlled systems can test a variety of fastener types in a wide range of sizes.
Complete deadweight calibration of torque transducers with capacities up to 20000 lbf-ft and the highest accuracy in the industry.
Ensure production efficiency with pre-application tool verification directly on the shop floor backed by transducers accurate to 0.1% of reading.

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Custom Solutions
For Unique Needs

Often imitated,
Never duplicated.

A.K.O. torque calibration
systems and services
set the standard for
quality and excellence.

Indicators & Accessories

Accurate indicators, transducers, software, and more to assist with precision torque tool calibration.

Adapters, Plates & Bushings

Easy-to-use and can pair with our various systems for torque tool calibration you can rely on.

Calibration Lab Services

Using internally developed specialty torque calibration equipment, we offer trusted torque calibration services with the highest capacity in the industry.

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