TSD2060-PRO Torque Click Wrench Calibration System

Automated Systems for Torque Click Wrench Calibration

A.K.O.’s automated Torque Click Wrench Calibration System, the TSD2060-PRO, is a mechanical torque loader equipped with an automated drive system with a capacity of up to 4000 lbf∙ft. This system retains all the features and functionality of the manual TSD2060 system but allows the user to calibrate at the push of a button. This system provides precision, speed, and accuracy in the calibration of manual torque tools, while eliminating the labor required to perform a traditional calibration of a torque tool. Using an AKO loader system limits the human error that is inherent in traditional calibration methods. All AKO loaders in the Pro series use a motor driven precision ball screw to smoothly apply the torque load to the tool at a consistent rate of speed. The loader is fabricated from a solid aluminum casting, and uses custom machined parts for a long operational life, while maintaining AKO’s high standard of quality. The TSD2060-PRO uses the proprietary advanced TSD6500 Digital Indicator that can be combined with up to 8 Transducers to provide continuous coverage over your entire operational torque range.  


The TSD2060-PRO Torque Loader System is A.K.O.’s most versatile torque click wrench calibration system with a wide variety of adapters and accessories available. With the appropriate accessories, this system is capable of calibrating many types of tools, such as Click Wrenches, Beam Wrenches, Dial Wrenches, Digital Torque Wrenches, Torque Watches, Torque Screwdrivers, Torque Multipliers, Direct Read Torque Multipliers, small capacity Hydraulic Wrenches, Pneumatic Torque Tools, Electronic Torque Tools, Inline Transducer calibrations, Tensiometers, Dynamometers, Force Gauges, Compression Gauges, Push/Pull Gauges and more.


The TSD2060-PRO system is motor-driven and digitally controlled to provide precision movements that result in extremely accurate torque measurements. The torque forces are self-contained by reacting against a two-way (CW, CCW) adjustable reaction post on stainless steel reaction slides allowing the reaction point to be set to any position. The tool being tested and calibrated is installed on the selected Torque Transducer’s square socket, or using a TSD1002 plate, or appropriate Adapter if required. Apply torque to the tool at the press of a button using A.K.O., Inc.’s proprietary TorqCal PRO software suite. TorqCal PRO is guided by user-defined templates and hard-coded safety limits designed to streamline the calibration and certificate generation process.  

Please contact the AKO sales team in Windsor, CT to discuss your specific application. 

Additional Information

  • Applies torque in both CW and CCW directions
  • Adjustable reaction post and slide allows for the testing of many types and sizes of torque wrenches
  • Self-contained and self-structured
  • Two speed input stations for easy and precise turning of the higher torque ranges
  • Uses TSD6500 Multi-Channel Digital Torque Indicator
  • Many ranges of torque transducers can easily be adapted to work with each system
  • Transducer tray for easy storage of auxiliary transducers
  • Storage drawers for adapters and accessories.
  • Optional long wrench extensions provide the means to react properly against the higher capacity and longer torque wrench handles and other larger torque measuring devices
  • Voltage: 115/220 V AC, 50~60 Hz Phase: Single Phase Current Drain: 10 Amperes (max)
  • Temperature Range: Operating Temperature Range: +10°C to + 40° C Storage Temperature Range: –10°C to + 60° C
  • Computer & Display Architecture: Display Type: Flat Screen touch LCD 24”
  • Calibration Software: AKO Torque-Cal Measuring Units Display: lbf·ft, lbf·in, ozf·in, N·m, dN·m, cN·m, kgf·m, kgf·cm
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