TSD650-P and TSD650-PBAT Portable Calibration Systems

A.K.O., Inc. TSD650-P and TSD650-PBAT Portable Click Wrench Calibration Systems are mechanical torque loaders with capacities up to 800 lbf·ft. These systems provide precision, speed, and accuracy in the calibration of manual torque tools, and reduce the amount of labor required to perform a traditional calibration of a torque tool. The system is designed into a convenient portable package intended for on-site and remote calibration applications. A loader system limits the human error that is inherent in traditional calibration methods by using a precision ball screw to smoothly apply the torque load to the tool. The loader is fabricated from welded aluminum plates and fitted into a rugged fiberglass case for a long operational life, while maintaining AKO’s high standard of quality. The TSD650-P and TSD650-PBAT use the proprietary advanced TSD6500 Digital Indicator which has been integrated into the body of the system and can be combined with up to 4 Transducers to provide continuous coverage over your entire operational torque range. 


The TSD650-P systems are specially designed with portable and remote calibration work in mind. For sites with no access to power, the TSD650-PBAT features an internal battery. The TSD650-P and TSD650-PBAT Torque Loader Systems are versatile torque calibration systems with a wide variety of adapters and accessories available. With the appropriate accessories, these systems are capable of calibrating many types of tools, such as Click Wrenches, Beam Wrenches, Dial Wrenches, Digital Torque Wrenches, Torque Screwdrivers, and Electronic Torque Tools. 


The TSD650-P and TSD650-PBAT systems are user-driven with a hand-wheel to provide torque manually. The torque forces are self-contained by reacting against a two-way (CW, CCW) adjustable reaction post on a stainless-steel reaction slide allowing the reaction point to be set to any position. The tool being tested and calibrated is installed on the selected Torque Transducer’s square socket or using an appropriate Adapter. Apply torque to the tool under test by turning the hand-wheel CW or CCW as appropriate until the torque value is reached.

Please contact the AKO sales team in Windsor, CT to discuss your specific application.

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