Calibration Services

Torque Calibration Services

As a trusted calibration equipment manufacturing company, A.K.O., Inc. also performs torque calibration services that exceed customer expectations. We operate an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory in our manufacturing plant located in Windsor, CT.

When we perform our torque calibration services, we use the same equipment that we offer to our customers. By using a combination of off-the-shelf equipment, custom adapters, and internally developed specialty equipment, we can calibrate almost any static torque device.

Tools We Calibrate

See a current list of the torque tools we work with.
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A.K.O. Product Repairs

When you need an A.K.O. calibration product repaired, trust us to fix it.
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Service Form

We invite you to send us your products for servicing. To learn more, fill out our form and an A.K.O. expert will be in touch.
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AKO provides torque calibration services with the highest accuracy.

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