Superior Hydraulic Pump Cabinet

TSD10KRHYD Hydraulic Pump 

A.K.O.’s TSD10KRHYD is a pump system that is used to make hydraulic torque wrench calibration easy. This system is used with a Torque Standard such as a TSD20035HT to measure the output torque of the wrench. The TSD10KRHYD offers many benefits over the traditional hydraulic wrench supply pumps: 

The Precision Regulator: The four-post handle precision regulator makes achieving 10000 psi smooth and effortless. There is a bearing inside the regulator that provides the technician with precise control of the pressure going into the wrench. 

The Pressure Transducer: The pressure transducer gives the technician a digital readout of the pressure being supplied to the wrench, which is much easier to read than an analog gauge. This takes the ambiguity out of reading a pressure gauge because the technician is reading a digital number and not judging where a pointer is on a gauge. 

The Pressure Gauge Port: The gauge port allows the technician to check a pressure gauge during the calibration of hydraulic wrenches. This allows the technician to verify the gauge that will be used on the pump out in the field. It can also be used to partner a specific gauge with a specific wrench. 

TorqCal Software: AKO’s TorqCal software uses a template-based system that allows the technician to determine at which points to test the tool. TorqCal reads the digital pressure transducer and the Torque Transducer simultaneously and captures the setpoints that are set up in the template. This makes it so a technician only needs to run the tool once to 10000 psi and the software will automatically collect the torque readings at the predetermined setpoints. TorqCal transfers the collected data to a customizable calibration certificate to print a certification for the hydraulic wrench. With this software, a technician can perform hydraulic torque wrench calibration and generate a certification easily within five minutes. 

Please contact the AKO sales team in Windsor, CT to discuss your specific application.

Additional Information

  • 110VAC 60Hz  
  • 220VAC 50Hz Versions available upon request. 
  • 15 amp max current draw 

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