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Torque Verification Stands

A.K.O.’s Torque Verification Stands are designed to be a rugged standalone torque transducer that is installed on the manufacturing floor to allow technicians to verify their torque wrenches before use. A technician puts the square drive of the wrench into the Verification Stand and pulls on the wrench to verify the setting selected on the tool is accurate. This also helps the technician get the “feel” of the wrench when it reaches the desired torque setting. Another benefit of having the Verification Stand presents itself when a technician drops a torque wrench. If a torque wrench is dropped it is possible that the calibration could be off. The typical procedure would be to re-calibrate the tool resulting in a job’s downtime. With the Verification Stand the technician can check the wrench after it is dropped and determine if the wrench is still good and can be used, or if it needs to be recalibrated. These torque verification devices are used in Nuclear plants around the US, and with a combination of AKO torque transducers can be configured with a range from 2 ozf∙in to 4000 lbf∙ft.


A.K.O.’s TSD6500-VSFL Verification Stand is a standalone, highly accurate torque verification device that allows a technician to verify the accuracy of their torque wrench right on the production floor. While it is not a substitute for calibration, it does provide assurance that the torque being applied to a given application will be accurate. The operator can check their torque wrench and practice torqueing techniques before actual application. This easy-to-use torque verification device uses a torque transducer of 0.1% Indicated Value, 40 times more accurate than the average torque wrench.

The display is the TSD6500 digital torque indicator with Peak Hold and Tracking modes to check various types of torque wrenches. Up to four transducers can be installed on the system to check a wide range of torque tools up to 4000 lbf∙ft.

Please contact the AKO sales team in Windsor, CT to discuss your specific application.

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Digital torque verification stand by AKO Torque.

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