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Oil and Gas Torque Calibration

Whether it’s land or sea, domestic or foreignindustrial bolting tools are an integral part of the oil and gas industry. Hand torque toolsclick wrenchestorque multipliershydraulic wrenches, and pneumatic wrenches are all used, from securing the bolts on pipeline flanges ensuring a proper seal, to tightening the blow off preventer on an off-shore drilling rig. Inaccurate torque tools and improperly tightened bolts can lead to devastating losses of ecosystems, and of human and animal life.   

Oil and gas companies use A.K.O., Inc. torque calibration systems to constantly verify the accuracy of their industrial bolting tools to prevent environmental disasters. With more than 60 years of experience serving the oil and gas industry, our clients trust us for their torque tool calibration. It is for reasons like these that we continue to improve our oil and gas torque tool calibration products and provide the most accurate torque tool calibration systems in the world. 

A.K.O. understands that not all calibration needs can be solved by standard products, so we also create customized solutions for unique requirements. Contact AKO for more information on our oil and gas torque tool calibration services.


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