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Torque Wrench Calibration Services and Testing

As an ISO 17025 certified torque wrench calibration and calibration equipment manufacturing company, A.K.O., Inc. performs torque wrench calibration services and testing that exceeds customer expectations. We operate an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory in our manufacturing plant located in Windsor, CT.

Torque wrench calibration testing is critical to ensure the integrity and safety of your equipment. Torque tools all have tolerances and accuracies that are stated by the manufacturer. These industrial tools experience torque forces that, with normal, everyday use, can cause the accuracy to go Out of Tolerance (OOT) or Significantly Out of Tolerance (SOOT). Read more about torque wrench maintenance.

When a wrench is OOT or SOOT, it means it is no longer applying the torque recommended by the manufacturer. This can lead to both under-tightened and over-tightened fasteners, potentially compromising safety and performance. Regular maintenance, including calibration, helps identify these issues early on. If your wrench is flagged as OOT or SOOT, it requires calibration to regain its accuracy. Read more about torque wrench maintenance.

When we perform our torque wrench calibration services and testing, we use the same equipment that we offer to our customers. By using a combination of off-the-shelf equipment, custom adapters, and internally developed specialty equipment, we can calibrate almost any static torque device.

Certified Torque Wrench Calibration Processes: Tools We Calibrate

A.K.O. offers precise and reliable calibration services and certified torque wrench calibration processes, ensuring accuracy and consistency across your operation. Torque wrench calibration testing is available for a variety of brands and tools, including:

    • Torque transducers – measure torque precisely with confidence, knowing your transducers are calibrated to exacting standards.
    • Click Wrenches and Torque Drivers – from micrometer to digital models, our torque tool calibration services and testing help ensure reliable click actuation and accurate torque application.
    • Beam, Dial and Digital Torque Wrenches– get accurate readings across all ranges with calibration for all types of traditional wrenches.
    • Hydraulic Torque Wrenches – maintain the power and precision of your hydraulic tools with our expert torque wrench calibration services and testing.
    • Torque Multipliers – amplify torque accurately and safely with confidence in your A.K.O. calibrated multipliers.
    • Electric and Pneumatic Torque Wrenches – keep your automated solutions operating at peak performance with priced calibration.

View our current list of supported torque tools for a comprehensive overview of what we can calibrate.

A.K.O. Product Repairs

When you need an A.K.O. calibration product repaired, trust us to fix it. A.K.O warranties and repairs all equipment we manufacture. Out-of-warranty equipment incurs a nominal evaluation fee, followed be personalized repair options and pricing.
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Torque Tool Calibration Service Form

We invite you to send us your products for service. To learn more about our torque wrench calibration services, fill out our form and an A.K.O. expert will be in touch.
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Find a Mobile Torque Wrench Calibration System

Ensuring the accuracy of your torque tools is crucial, but sometimes sending them off-site for calibration can cause extended downtime. Our expert technicians can help you find the right mobile torque wrench calibration system that fits your on-site needs, assessing your specific application and considering factors like torque range, required accuracy, and portability requirements. With our guidance, you will have the ideal mobile torque wrench calibration system to keep your wrenches calibrated and your operations running smoothly.

Contact Our Experts About Torque Tool Calibration Services

At A.K.O., we understand the importance of accurate and reliable torque wrench performance. Our experienced team is standing by to help with your torque wrench calibration service and testing needs. Contact an A.K.O. Torque Specialties Expert for more information about our testing and repair services. As a leading manufacturer and ISO 17025 calibration service provider, we are ready to help you achieve your goals. Reach out today with any questions about our calibration equipment or certified torque wrench calibration processes.

AKO provides torque calibration services with the highest accuracy.

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