A.K.O. OEM Product Repairs

Product Repair for A.K.O. OEM Torque Calibration Equipment

Although AKO provides torque calibration for variety of Torque Products (a partial list is here), we do not repair any other manufacturers’ equipment. In these instances, we recommend inquiring with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for information on needed repairs. AKO will ONLY repair AKO manufactured equipment.

A.K.O., Inc. warranties and repairs all equipment that we manufacture. For A.K.O. equipment that is beyond warranty time frame, AKO charges a nominal fee to evaluate. Once we’ve made a determination of needs, we will contact you with repair options and pricing.   

A link to AKO’s Warranty Statement can be found here.

Torque Calibration Services and Systems

If your torque product or equipment needs torque calibration, we offer calibration for almost any static torque device. View more about our torque calibration services, including a current list of tools we calibrate.

In addition to our repair and calibration services, A.K.O. manufacturers precision calibration systems to calibrate a variety of torque tools, including click wrenches, hydraulic wrenches, multipliers, pneumatic/electric wrenches, and fastener testing tools. Learn more.


Contact an AKO Torque Specialties Expert for more information on our repair or torque calibration services.

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